Restaurant and Bar Didot34 crosses the borders of co-working, lunch, dinner and drinks. Upscale without feeling uptight, people can be whomever they want. Extravagant 50’s design, authentic and top-notch service. Local fresh and healthy ingredients, trustworthy, executed with perfection and right form the source. Didot34 has a little something to please everybody. From craft beers and specialty cocktails to upscale wines and savory small plates, you’ll find exactly what you’re craving.


If you want to make a reservation at Restaurant & Bar Didot34 you can send a mail to

Opening hours

Restaurant Didot:
Breakfast 07:00 till 11:00
Lunch 12:00 till 16:30
Dinner 18:00 till 00:00 from Wednesday until Saturday
(kitchen closed at 21:30)

Bar: open daily from 07:00 to 00:00.